Change & Acceptance Journey

Part Three of Journeys Introduction

In keeping with our goal of introducing the journeys, here we introduce two of our massage therapists, Jazmine and

Jazmine & Staciemae

Staciemae. They are the practitioners of the Change & Acceptance Journey.

We at the Spa at Gothic Eves are always looking for services to enhance our guests stay centered on healing. It is what we strive for and whether or not we succeed is partially determined by the relationship between the massage therapist and the client. Our therapist go through a rigorous interview process to ensure our customers are getting the best we can offer.  We have truly talented massage therapists who have all trained at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY. In addition to their training, they bring their own stories and experiences that shape how they become unique healers in their field.

Jazmine and Staciemae received their licence to practice after attending the Massage school in Ithaca at the same time but were in different classes.  They started at the Spa together and bonded very quickly.  Part of the success of their work is their close tie to each other creating a healing space for their clients.  Among other important qualities, in school they both got the “Perfect Attendance Record”.  😉

Jazmine grew up in Binghampton, NY (not far from us). Her parents both had bad backs and she would frequently give them massage. When the time came to pick a path for the future Jazmine’s family strongly encouraged her to complete a college degree. But she knew this was not where her she found her passion and a year after graduating college she moved away and pursued massage school.

Jazmine is also interested in Shiatsu and Thai massage. Fun fact – she weighs about 140 lbs but her massage technique can feel like she weighs twice as much!

Staciemae was a nurse for 18 years and practiced massage under her medical license but not in a public setting. Over the years she was told she has magic hands and should do massage beyond the pretense of a sterile medical facility.

Staciemae moved from the Thousand Islands and left everything behind in pursuit of massage. She was raised in a faith where many believed massage was immoral but she recognized the value of it. She believes strongly massage is her calling in life. It has just taken her a while to listen to her guides, accept it, and follow through.

We are lucky to have Jazmine and Staciemae working with us! When we were developing the journeys and focused on the themes and emotions we were hoping to start with both Jazmine and Staciemae were drawn to Change & Acceptance. They have poured their own experiences and hard work into design of the Change and Acceptance Journey. They have grown significantly in their lives and continue to face challenges that deepen their wisdom and connection to the theme. Their knowledge strengthens the impact of their Journey.

Both Jazmine and Staciemae enjoy getting to know their clients and helping them. A lot can be learned in a simple conversation with someone. And a lot can be healed. Join Jazmine and Staciemae on a new journey toward facing your fears and the things you might choose to ignore with the Change & Acceptance Journey. It starts with a conversation and the rest will fall into place. Visit our website for more information about the Change & Acceptance Journey!


Journey Explanation

The goal of the Change & Acceptance Journey is to provide a space, time, and assistance with a situation in your life that you are struggling to accept and/or change. We all have those instances where we are avoiding something and are unwilling to make a move.  This is a proactive way to seek change. It can be difficult to see that you need to do something different with your life. The stress surrounding this discomfort can make it worse and you may get stuck in fear and indecision. This is a gift to your mind, body, and soul to provide time, support, and silence to seek the change you need. 

With our practitioners, you will be given an opportunity to focus on yourself and your obstacles.  The journey starts with a quiet time to answer questions designed to focus on your struggle.  It is one of the most precious things we can do for ourselves, is to give ourselves time. This will focus your mind on the matter. This is a private experience, only to be shared if you feel like doing so.

Your journey continues with a massage and crystal therapy.  The crystals were chosen to give your body subtle energy to assist in your journey.  The massage is a 4 hand massage orchestrated to assist you in your intentions.  The massage concentrates on the meridians that encourage change and acceptance.  Your time here will end with more journaling and a follow up from one of the therapists to continue the support you may need in the following weeks.


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