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4676 NY-414, Burdett, NY 14818607-546-5510Open Daily 11-5 Products Straight RyeStraight BourbonPot Still WhiskeySeneca Drums GinVintner’s VodkaRiesling Grappa Story Finger Lakes Distilling has been in operation since 2009. They are located in Burdett (17 miles west of the inn) on the east side of Seneca Lake and are open daily 11…(Read More)

Photo courtesy of Garrett’s Brewing. “Keep it clean!” The motto for brewing beer and the new Garrett’s Brewing Company in Trumansburg. It is rare to find a company that takes the time to care about the quality of both content and appearance but Greg Garrett, the owner and beer whisperer of Garrett’s…(Read More)

A holiday gift or an anytime gift, gift certificates are awesome, especially one for the Inn and Spa at Gothic Eves! Gift certificates can be used at both the inn and/or spa to give someone a unique experience. I will be clarifying how to order and receive our gift certificates here. How to Order…(Read More)

Whether you get a thrill from carefully picking a gift for each special person in your life, or are filled with anxiety over the prospect, here is a list of some of our favorite places to find something unique. Sundrees A mix of goods featuring some local artists, and fun things such as cooking accessories…(Read More)

The Piano Teacher by Julia Cho is a concise play centered around the experience of a suburban piano teacher, Mrs. K as she struggles with being a widow and no longer being a teacher. Her comfort and livelihood are now gone.  I think the playwright did a phenomenal job of creating a character with such…(Read More)

Sometimes when you go on vacation it’s fun to forgo your routine for a few days. But maybe you’re planning a longer stay or just need a regular exercise practice to keep balanced. Here are a few recommendations for fitness while you stay in Trumansburg. Lakshmi Living Arts Offering yoga classes, workshops and…(Read More)

Part Three of Journeys Introduction In keeping with our goal of introducing the journeys, here we introduce two of our massage therapists, Jazmine and Staciemae. They are the practitioners of the Change & Acceptance Journey.  We at the Spa at Gothic Eves are always looking for services to enhance our guests stay centered on healing…(Read More)

Part Two of Journeys Introduction  There’s not a person that doesn’t arrive at the inn or spa that isn’t drained and simply glad to have made it to their destination ready to relax. The logistics of getting off of work, finding a babysitter, dog sitter, packing and traveling can be stressful. When…(Read More)

Girlfriend by Todd Almond, Music & Lyrics by Matthew Sweet Directed by M. Bevin O’Gara Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Kitchen Theatre Company Review by Olivia Ohlsten   Ah…the two person musical. Much easier to convince me to attend than a one-person play! Here we have Girlfriend written by Mark Almond with music…(Read More)