2014 Live Performances at State Theatre in Ithaca NY

While it may seem a little early to plan very far into 2014, the State Theatre in Ithaca is making sure of some amazing entertainment by booking some BIG names for your enjoyment!


January 30, 2014: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Never heard of them?  Are you familiar with Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album?  If so, you’ve certainly heard Ladysmith Black Mambazo backing Mr. Simon’s vocals!  This a cappella group from South Africa credits South African coal miners for the roots of their music, using their traditional songs and style as a building block for some of their earliest words, melodies, and tight harmonies.  The group has been nominated for Grammy Awards FIFTEEN TIMES, including their 2013 nomination for Best World Music CD.


March 1, 2014: Philip Glass
Philip Glass is a master of classical, operatic, chamber, and symphonic music, and one of the most influential music-makers of our times.  An alumni of the Peabody Conservatory of Music and the Julliard School of Music, Glass continued his musical education in Paris where he also grew to love experimental theater and the music therein.  Glass continued on to create some of the most admired works in chamber and orchestra music ever created.  His musical style evolved to orchestral/operatic pieces which have been performed worldwide.  You can hear his work in recordings, on stage, in films, and now in person right here in Upstate New York!


April 11, 2014:  B.B. King
Do we even need to say more?  There isn’t a more influential musician and guitarist out there!  His fingers can make a Gibson come to life, and his voice and passion can bring listeners to their knees.  His talents and careers span decades.  He has blazed the trail for musicians of all colors and styles, influenced some of the biggest names in music (although arguably none are bigger than his), and continues to leave a legacy that will live on forever.

October 10, 2014:  Lily Tomlin
From “One ringy-dingy…” to the precocious Edith Ann… to the solo stage, TV, movies, and recordings, Lily Tomlin is one of the best-known and beloved comediennes of our time.  She’ll keep you laughing even as she makes you love her even more through sheer talent, wit, and whim.

These are just the tip of what will likely be a massive iceberg of entertainment at the State Theatre.  Just 11 miles from The Inn at Gothic Eves, State Theater is a perfect way to enjoy an evening of entertainment before escaping to the tranquility of Trumansburg and your favorite bed and breakfast room.  Tickets to these major shows will likely sell out quickly, so reserve yours early!  Tickets can be purchased through the name-links above.

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