A Finger Lakes Food and Wine Event: First Annual Wine Symposium

As one of the largest wine-producing states in the Country (third only to California and Washington state), the New York plays host to many wine-related events.  And with the Finger Lakes Region being the largest wine-producing area of New York, it is very appropriate that the first of what will be come an annual event be held here!

Food+Drinks-DT45059294On Saturday, March 23, 2013, the city of Geneva plays host to the Wine Symposium of the Finger Lakes Region at the Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ Scandling Campus Center.  And with its proximity to both the event, and to over 25 area wineries, The Inn at Gothic Eves would be proud to host your stay during this landmark weekend.  The first-rate accommodations and amenities will rival any area hotel, and you can’t beat the ambiance of this beautiful home here in the welcoming town of Trumansburg.

During the Symposium, special attention will be given to the Finger Lakes Region and cool-weather wines.  Learn about the Finger Lakes American Viticultural Area (AVA) and how we’ve taken our place in the worldwide wine scene.  The Symposium itself features wine tasting guidelines from experts from around the world, along with wine and food suggestions and pairings from noted wine and food professionals.  Seminars during the event include:

  • Principles of Pairing Food with Wine
    This seminar should teach you a little bit about picking out major flavor components in particular dishes, and selecting the perfect wine to accompany your meals.  Walter Scheib, past White House Executive Chef, will lead you through small tastes of foods and discuss their flavor profiles.  James Treadwell, of Treadwell Farm-to-Table cuisine in Ontario (and one of the countries’ best sommeliers) will join Chef Scheib in presenting wines to go along with each food tasted.
  • Celebrating and Understanding Cool-Climate Wines
    Explore the unique flavors of both red and white wines of cool-climate wines.  Master Sommelier Thomas Pastuszak will lead you through the whites, and syndicated wine columnist Dan Berger will help you appreciate the reds.
  • Five-Course Luncheon
    Chef Scheib and several of the region’s best chefs will prepare a meal featuring incredible food and perfect wine accompaniments.  Chef Scheib will also be featured as the Keynote Speaker, discussing his time as the White House Chef for two presidents, their families, and their famous world-leader guests at so many events.
  • Finger Lakes Wine Grand Tasting
    The final hours of the Symposium will be spent sampling a variety of wines from the Finger Lakes Region, including those that took the AVA Riesling Challenge prizes.

Tickets are available online.  Your $150.00 allows you to attend all the seminars and the luncheon.  Please note that you will be required to choose either the red-wine OR white-wine Understanding Cool-Climate Wines seminar.  Because both happen concurrently, it is impossible to attend both.  There is currently no listed limit to the number of tickets that will be sold, however sales end on March 15.

Planning to visit a little early?  The Finger Lakes AVA Riesling Challenge, this very Friday, February 15, is considered part of the event.  Rieslings from all over the Region will be judged on Friday, and awards for the winners will be distributed during the actual Wine Symposium.  Of course, you can also do your part in selecting your favorites, as both the Seneca Lake Wine Trail and the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail offer a wide variety of settings and environments for your wine-tasting pleasure.  Give them a try, choose which ones appeal to you, and compare your picks against the award winners either when you return for the Symposium, or when the official list is released.

As luck would have it, both events fall during our 18th Birthday Special, meaning you can enjoy our new hot tubs during your visit for free!  So plan your wine- and food-celebration vacation during the events surrounding the Wine Symposium of the Finger Lakes Region and enjoy a true relaxing getaway in the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Region!

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