Cabin View Alpacas: Unique Activity For a Trumansburg Bed and Breakfast Getaway

Because Trumansburg is a small town, some may think that we might not have a lot to offer visitors.  These skeptics could not be more wrong!  Not only to we have some great restaurants, a fun music festival, area wineries, and of course first-class bed and breakfast lodging, we also have our very own Alpaca Farm, Cabin View Alpacas, which  has brought yet another environmentally friendly business to our amazing town!  When you plan your Upstate New York bed and breakfast, take some time to stop by the farm to see some beautiful animals!

As a camelid, alpacas are similar to llamas and camels, although they are smaller than both.  As a herbivore with a long, slender neck and thin legs, alpacas are even capable of spitting – something that camels seem to be notoriously famous for in mainstream media.  If you meet an alpaca, listen for the clicking or clucking sound that indicates friendliness.  Their sounds escalate to signal discomfort or danger, all the way up to a shrieking sound!

Alpacas are originally from Central and South America.  Their wool-like coats are ideal for their home in the Andes Mountains, however the animals did not come about naturally.  They were bred thousands of years ago, specifically for this warm fur which was used in textiles and clothing.  Their breeders also used them as a food source.  Today the fur is also used for clothing and textiles by breeders in Australia and the United States, and they are also used as a meat source in both countries.

Like wool, alpaca fur is very warm.  Unlike wool, the fur is not prickly, is lighter in weight, and is actually hypoallergenic due to the lack of lanolin present in sheep’s wool.  The extra bonus is that alpaca wool is fire-resistant!

At Cabin View Alpacas, David and Christine Houseworth raise their animals for both showing at Alpaca Shows, and for their fur.  Some of this fur is used by a family member for select pieces of clothing – some of which is available in their gift shop.  The rest of the fiber is sent to the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool for processing and use in larger-scale clothing production.  These items can also be found in the gift shop, along with alpaca-related products imported from Peru.

During your relaxing Finger Lakes getaway to Trumansburg’s Inn at Gothic Eves, you can visit the Cabin View Alpacas gift shop at 9435 Congress Street Extension (less than a mile from the inn) on weekends (Friday through Sunday) from 10am to 5pm, or you can take your chance on weekdays.  While there, you can view the animals in the fields, and even talk to David or Christine about the animals.  If your stay happens during the week, a call over to the Houseworths will arrange your mid-week visit!

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