A Taste of Greece in Ithaca NY: Mediterranean Flavors

The Finger Lakes Region boasts a wide variety of cuisine.  However it’s always a treat when you can find something so authentic, it practically comes from the very country it represents.  This is exactly what you’ll get when the St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church in Ithaca offers a Taste of Greece this May 11, 2014. All your favorite Greek foods will be there!

If you were to visit Greece, you would find a vast variety of Mediterranean flavors: everything from traditional Greek salads to Spanakopita (a spinach and cheese pie made with phyllo dough), Gyros, Moussaka (like a Greek casserole), Souvlaki (grilled meat on skewers), Baklava (nuts and honey in phyllo dough), and many, many more you may not have heard of.  Any and all of these dishes are likely to be found at the Taste of Greece event. An added benefit of a visit to Greece would be the chance to visit Ithaca’s sister city Ithaka!  Actually a small island off Greece’s western coast, Ithaka was first honored by its namesake back in 1976 when a key to Ithaca, NY was presented to a Greek delegation.  The island itself was home to Homer’s hero Odysseus in the ‘Odyssey’, even though its description in the poem is vastly different than reality.  The island’s “sister city” status was established in October, 2007. Ithaka itself is as gorgeous as any Greek island could possibly be with charming stacked buildings, plenty of docking spots, beautiful beaches, and clear blue water off the shores.  Ithacan residents in the U.S. envy the island’s beauty, but at the same time those from Ithaka who have visited Upstate NY say much the same thing about our own scenery!

But we digress. Because it isn’t practical for most people to visit Greece, we invite you to enjoy a Finger Lakes getaway at the Inn at Gothic Eves during the Taste of Greece event where you can enjoy authentic Greek flavors right here in Tompkins County at 120 West Seneca Street in Ithaca!

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