Finger Lakes Inn Puts Environment in Focus.

At the Inn at Gothic Eves, we not only strive to give our guests a comfortable environment, we work to help the environment too. Every little bit makes a big difference. That delicious cup of coffee you enjoy each morning comes from Gimme! Coffee, roasters who also have three stores in Ithaca. Winner of Roast Magazine’s 2013 Roaster of the Year Award, Gimme! is well-known for its quality, innovation and sustainable business practices. What we love about the company is that it seeks out suppliers throughout the world, paying better than fair-trade prices so the farmers can sustain a good living. Many of the beans come from farmers who have kept the mature forests in place, making the beans better tasting and preserving the trees. In addition, Gimme! Coffee follows a composting program in their cafes and works to maintain sustainability practices throughout the company. And they also make delicious coffees. Inspired by craft beers, fine wines or the beans themselves, the roasters fine-tune and blend coffees for balanced and rich flavor. The blend we use at the Inn at Gothic Eves is called Fractivist. It not only makes a delicious cup of coffee, it also supports a worthy cause. (Guests can order the coffee through the Gimme! Coffee company’s website). With the drilling method called fracking, precious water needed for farms, families—and coffee—is at risk. The process uses a mixture of water, sand and chemicals to crack rock and release natural gas. When accidents and leaks occur, rivers, streams and drinking water become polluted. Gimme! aims to help by contributing a portion of proceeds from every bag of Fractivist blend to support the anti-fracking movement in the region. So do we, with every cup of coffee we serve. At the Inn at Gothic Eves, we’re making a difference by saying no to fracking, and yes to solar!  Look around outside the Inn a and you’ll see we now have 99 solar panels to supply electricity. It’s all part of a movement by local residents and a not-for-profit group to solarize Tompkins county. Because our apples trees gave their life for the panels, we have renamed our last batch of delicious homemade apple butter, “solar butter.” Do come visit and get a first hand taste, and view, of how we’re helping make our world a little better.

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