Myer Farm Distillers: A New Activity in the Finger Lakes Region

When you think of hard spirits in America, what comes to mind?  Kentucky Bourbon.  Appalachian Moonshine.  Patron Liquors from Nevada.  What about spirits from the Finger Lakes Region?  Upstate New York is proud to welcome Myer Farm Distillers, a new player in the “spirit world.”  Just 14 miles from Trumansburg, the new distillery makes a perfect destination during your bed and breakfast stay.

The Myer brothers (Joe and John) come from a very long line of farmers.  In fact, their ancestors were the first to settle in Ovid, where the distillery is located.  Both brothers have a background in agriculture, and John has been running the now fifth-generation family farm – one of the oldest in the area, producing wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, oats, and more.  Does that ingredient list sound at all familiar?


The fact that they use their very own raw ingredients means that Myer Farm Distillers actively upholds the area dedication to using locally-grown, organic raw materials.  Their farming and production practices give a whole new meaning to the farm to table philosophy!  But the brothers aren’t looking to mass-produce mediocre products, as they also follow the local trend of using skill and care to create true artisanal offerings.

While the name ‘Myer’ may bring to mind a German ancestry, the brothers show their love for Scottish lore, designing the Distillery itself with a nod to malt houses found in Scotland.  The Still, however, is distinctly German, having been built by that country’s oldest still-maker CARL, Gmbh.


You can try each and every one of the distillery’s products in their beautiful tasting room while having a look into their production through a window into the distillery itself.  As of this post, Myer Farm Distilleries offers vodka, gin, and corn whiskey.  Waiting in the wings (and they may already be producing these) are a strawberry mint wheat alcohol, and straight wheat products.  Please note that because the distillery is new, it will be years before proper aging of their whiskey occurs – you will be tasting an infant product for now.

So why not plan a visit to the area’s newest producer of quality spirits during your Upstate New York getaway?  Your innkeeper Rose will be glad to give you directions and suggestions for a great tasting experience.  In fact, bring a bottle back and enjoy your spirits in the warmth and coziness of the water, the inn’s common rooms, or your cozy guest room.  Plan to visit before March 31, 2013 for the Birthday Special featuring reduced stay rates and use of the inn’s new hot tubs!

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