Light In Winter: Ithaca Arts and Science Festival

Upstate New York is alive and well with ideas and knowledge.  Each February, Cornell University offers its Light in Winter Festival, which explores the science of everything from the world to art in everyday life.  If you have a craving to learn, consider a Trumansburg getaway to the Inn at Gothic Eves during the weekend of February 22, 23, 24, 2013.  Enjoy the relaxing and personalized bed and breakfast experience,  and spend a day of discovery in nearby Ithaca.

There are many offerings of knowledge through these great programs:

  • The Hall of Wonders might be compared to a true Science Museum.  A number of scientific projects and theories are brought to life in a hands-on format.
  • The Dispora of Coffee is a learning/tasting experience.  Ever wonder where coffee came from?  Have you wondered what causes the underlying flavors in different roasts?  Find out here!
  • The God Particle has topped the news frequently during the fall of 2012.  But what is it?  What does it teach us?  And how was it found?  Have all your questions about the Higgs Boson particle during this program.
  • You may have seen numerous photos on the news coming back from the Curiosity Rover which landed on Mars in August, 2012.  What other information is being found thanks to this robotic vehicle?  Find out at Mars Exploration Part I: Curiosity Lands.
  • Details in Genetic Ancestry can be found in everyone’s DNA.  Find out more about how links can be found in humans who aren’t of the same “family”.
  • Watch a representative demonstrate Corning Museum of Glass Flame Work using a torch and glass tubes.
  • Rushing down a mountain on a bike is the ultimate thrill for some.  For others, using a skateboard to get around is the ultimate in “green transportation” and thrills.  Learn about the science (mass, momentum, etc) behind these exciting sports at Physics of Skateboarding and Mountain Biking.
  • Are you an aspiring writer?  Then join in the LIW Creative Writing Workshop and explore the ideas of this year’s programs.
  • Star Wars has made us familiar with the idea of walking machinery for years, from C3PO to the Walkers (war machines).  Oddly enough, not many of these inventions have come to pass in today’s world.  Find out why not as the difficulties of bi-pedal balance and proportion are discussed at the Walking Machines discussion.
  • The discoveries of the Mars Rovers are not the only considerations about our current impact on the Red Planet.  What does it mean when our own creation tells us as much about ourselves as this distant planet?  Find out in From Curiosity to Wall-E.
  • There are many out there who believe that the Earth’s destruction will come in the form of a large object flying through space, causing a collision that will demolish the very planet.  Find out more about those “close calls” with objects that threaten our very existence in The End (And I Feel Fine).
  • What is it about humans that they willingly allow themselves to be easily tricked?  What are the physics behind the art of deception?  Find out in Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks, and the Hidden Powers of the Mind.
  • Explore the physics behind the sounds of the violin at The Secrets of the Devil’s Box.
  • Take in a show by Stringfever!  This group takes the idea of a “string quartet” to the extreme.
  • See Galumpha astound with amazing physical comedy and acrobatics, bringing together science and art for an amazing entertainment experience.
  • Much like Galumpha, Life in Balance focuses much more on the physics of acrobatics.

A full program and event schedule can be found at the Light In Winter website.  These references will be updated as the event date approaches.

There is so much to learn and know about in the world, and this annual event is a great way to satisfy your curiosity.  Even more, if you have kids of a questioning nature, this event may just set them on their future course of learning and discovery.  While you’re at it, you can enjoy the current Birthday Special for reduced room rates and great extras to make your stay a true pleasure.

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