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Maybe it’s my background in Plant Genetics.  Maybe it’s that I enjoy living so “close” to the land.  Maybe it’s that there are such great sources for naturally-grown produce and grains.  Whatever the reason, I can’t help but sing the praises of two area organizations that value natural and sustainable food for everyone involved.  When you visit my Finger Lakes bed and breakfast, take special note of your morning meal.   Those wonderful fruits, vegetables, eggs, and herbs on your plate?  These come from the Sweet Land Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  That amazing bread you’re buttering?  It comes from the Wide Awake Bakery which partners with area farms and producers to bake some of the best baked goods you’ll ever eat.  I am happy to be in such a perfect position to introduce guests to the amazing local organic food from these Trumansburg food sources!

The Sweet Land Farm CSA here in Trumansburg is a bit like a time-share farm.  ‘Shares’ of the farm are sold so that shareholders can partake in the natural and chemical-free bounty produced by this 34-acre farm.  Meanwhile, the money from the shareholders pays for the growing and care of the produce.  Shareholders are welcome to visit the farm for recreation, to pick certain flowers and tomatoes, to bring children out for learning purposes, participate in Farm events, and even assist at the farm if they wish.  Crops are rotated regularly to keep the rich soil from becoming nutrient-depleted.  If you’ve ever watched Martha Stuart, you are familiar with her raving about the fresh eggs from her hens.  The hens at Sweet Land produce what may be the best-tasting eggs in the country!   The produce, herbs, and eggs  from the farm allows the Inn to offer fresh, seasonal fare to energize guests for your day in the Finger Lakes region!

Wide Awake Bakery in Ithaca partners with local sources for the ingredients to go into some amazing breads.  They currently have 10 wonderful, delicious, heavenly types to choose from.  Did I mention that these breads are decadent and flavorful?  The very best news about bread from the Wide Awake Bakery is that it is possible to get some to take home if you visit during the summer – and if you don’t eat it all on the way!   The bakery sells its breads at the Trumansburg Farmer’s Market on Wednesday evenings, making it well-worth spending a long-weekend in the area!

Some may call both the Sweet Land Farm and Wide Awake Bakery “artisanal” food production.  I simply think of it as back-to-the basics: real food coming from local sources.   Not only are these endeavors beneficial to the local area, but they are sustainable through the support and participation of people who want to know where their food comes from.  And isn’t it a kick to know that the building blocks for your healthy breakfast come from mere miles of the inn?   You are truly getting a complete Finger Lakes experience when you choose the Inn at Gothic Eves for your Ithaca Lodging accommodations!

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