Bobby McFerrin Concert, Ithaca Event

Residents and visitors with an impending Upstate New York vacation should prepare to receive some fun an enjoyment into their lives, as Bobby McFerrin is preparing to take upstate New York by storm! And if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, run – don’t walk – to the nearest computer/telephone/whatever, and enjoy this upcoming Bobby McFerrin concert. This Ithaca event will be an unforgettable evening with an unforgettable talent!

If you haven’t guessed, I love Bobby McFerrin! And, lucky you, I’m going to spend some time convincing you to join me at his April 14, 2012 concert at 8:00 p.m. at the State Theatre in Ithaca, NY.

Singer, actor, orchestral conductor, producer, and somewhat psychologist, Bobby McFerrin shapes music to make you think, make you dream, and make you reflect. He brings years of introspection to the stage each and every time he visits.

Bobby spent years listening to, experimenting with, and refining his voice to produce a huge range of audio enjoyment. Gospel? Opera? Cabaret? He’s done it. And done it with his whole heart and amazing vocal range. Whether solo or with an ensemble, Bobby McFerrin pushes the boundaries of music and vocal performance to deliver astonishing results.

Forget the kitchy years of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy.’ Okay, don’t forget them at all! This is just one part of the complex and ever-evolving artist that is Bobby McFerrin, and it introduced his extraordinary talent to the mainstream public. The solo, almost experimental sound of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ allowed Bobby to build and expand on both his years of musical background, and his own voice, resulting in a catchy song that still brings smiles to those who listen.

Today, he not only has a set list of amazing songs, but he brings improvisation and innovation to the stage in the hopes of treating his audiences to a variety of musical genres developed over his entire lifetime. Not only does Bobby sing and perform, but he wants you to sing and perform along with him. He wants you to not only listen to the music, but experience it in a very personal way. We can’t wait to experience it with him, and hope you will enjoy it too.

Come be my guest for the weekend at my Finger Lakes bed and breakfast, just 11 short miles from the concert venue. I look forward to sharing my home, and ‘my concert’ with you!

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