The Cheapest Car in the world, "Unpacking the Nano", Winter 2011

The Cheapest Car in the world, "Unpacking the Nano", Winter 2011 3
An exhibit will open January 26th at the Johnson’s Museum of Art, the cheapest car in the world will be displayed till March 27, 2011. You will see two Nano automobiles displayed from TATA Motors, India. One is completely assembled and the other has been taken apart, suspended in air in its 2,000 constituent parts, and assigns weight, price, and environmental impact to the 1,400-pound car. The exhibition also features a concept vehicle consisting of two used motor scooters welded together. This Ithaca NY museum will discuss societal impacts and implications of designing the Nano. For media, there will be many photographic possibilities. Visit Ithaca and see why Newsweek rated it the greenest cities in the nation and stay at a green Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast NY.

The Nano which should not be confused with the Nano Ipod, has a 2=cylinder engine and is expected to get 54miles/gallon. It is going to cost $2500. We used to own two cars, each were bought used about 20 years ago. They were the Chevrolet metro and the Chevrolet Sprint. They both had a 3=cylinder engine made by Suzuki and the metro got 48 miles/gallon and the Sprint got 43miles/gallon. The Spring cost us $2400 then and the Metro was less. The Sprint still lives in the Ithaca NY area. We gave it to a young man who needed a car. These were great cars and they were made so long ago. It seems to me that this ability to make a cheap and efficient car should be easy because the technology has existed for a long time.

So, bringing the Nano to the Finger Lakes Region to show it off is a great idea but it seems to me they may be speaking to the choir. This community is so aware of the footprint we leave behind. We will appreciate the exhibit and we will be there for sure but you don’t have to convince us that this is the way of the future. We have talented individuals in our country, we could be producing this kind of vehicle too and not steal the name from an Ipod.

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