Visit Trumansburg and Ithaca Farmers Markets this Summer for Fresh Local Food

If you know anything about upstate New York, you probably know about our belief in sustainable living, and our commitment to responsible and organic food production for use in our amazing culinary creations.  To support these practices, many towns feature Farmers Markets as a place for residents and visitors to obtain the freshest ingredients, produce, and locally made food creations.

farm-marketWhen you stay at The Inn at Gothic Eves during the months between late spring and fall, not only do you have access to two of the area’s best Farmers’ Markets, but you can also taste the bounty, as fresh local ingredients are used in the Inn’s breakfast dishes whenever possible!  Even during the colder months, you’ll have a taste of local flavors through Innkeeper Rose’s homemade pesto sauces, jams, and carefully frozen fruits that are used in breakfasts throughout the winter – all made with ingredients from local food sources!  Of course, the eggs, milk, and cheese she uses are fresh, as they can be obtained even during the chill.

So plan your trip to the area’s friendliest and most welcoming bed and breakfast and have a taste of delicious local flavors, even in the winter.  If you visit during the Markets’ open months, take the chance to purchase some souvenirs, gifts, and those household items you won’t be able to live without!

Since 2002 the Trumansburg has offered our own Farmers Market during summer and early fall months, right here in Village Park.  Each Wednesday evening and on select Saturdays, the market opens for people to purchase produce, eggs, honey, jelly, cheese, and even wine, fiber goods, and prepared food.  All in all, the market provides a great place and a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with the community and the people.

When you visit the market, expect to see a variety of vendors offering their wares (up to 40 of them), musicians performing for your listening pleasure, and lots of friendly faces.  The market opens for the 2013 season in June and runs through October.  If you happen to be visiting during an open day or night, you don’t want to miss this true small-town experience!

Trumansburg’s Farmers’ Market is open on Wednesdays from June through October from 4pm – 7pm, and also on the second Saturday of each summer month from 10am – 2pm.

The Ithaca Farmers’ Market  is truly a sight to behold and place to experience.  While Trumansburg’s market is closer to the classic Farmers’ Market experience, Ithaca’s Farmers’ Market has turned into something akin to major event status.  Open on Tuesday during the day, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and select Saturdays and Sundays the market welcomes upwards of 150 vendors at as many as four separate locations.

Since its inception in 1973, the market has grown from a small gathering place to a large shopping experience.  Not only will you find produce, eggs, and homemade goods, but you will also find meat, dairy products, and something akin to a small craft fair of quality items at each market iteration.  Music is also offered by local artists.  The locations even host a few of the larger local events!  Despite the size, the market’s main emphasis is buying fresh, and buying local.

Ithaca Farmers’ Market open locations and times include:

  • The Green Space at Greenstar:  Saturdays from January 12 through March 30 (i.e., NOW) from 11am – 2pm
  • Dewitt Park:  Tuesdays from May through October between 9am-2pm, and Thursdays from June through October between 4pm-7pm
  • Steamboat Landing:  Saturdays from April through October between 9am and 3pm, Saturdays from November through December between 10am-2pm, and Sundays from May through October between 10am – 3pm.
  • East Hill Plaza:  Wednesdays during warmer months between 4pm – 7pm.

These great Farmers’ Markets should give you something to look forward to during your warm-weather vacation getaway to the Inn at Gothic Eves.  While you may run into one or two smaller markets during your travel through the Adirondack region, Trumansburg and Ithaca should not be missed during your summer stay at Gothic Eves!  Rose will be glad to recommend her favorite vendors and let you know what to look for at the markets – just ask!

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