5 Breakfast Items this Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast NY Will Not Serve You at Breakfast

The five things you will never find at a Gothic Eves breakfast table is a topic this is not meant to dis those who do serve these things, but to give you a clear idea of what you will be served when you stay. These things were served to me recently when I went away for two weekends in a row. These things were not terrible or inedible but were not very tasty or healthy. I thought it would be helpful to people who were considering an Ithaca NY getaway. So here goes. Drum roll please!

1. You will never see anything on your plate that will look like a casserole or have a name that contains the word casserole. It will not be all mixed up and baked for an hour and sit for another hour before being plated. Your breakfasts are made right before you are expected to be at the breakfast table. You are asked at check-in time when you would prefer your breakfast and whether you like coffee, tea or another beverage. I want you to come to the table with one of my hand-thrown mugs full of something steamy to start your breakfast which is being prepared just for you.

2. You will never be served ‘plain’ anything. Waffles would have orange zest with pecans. Pancakes would have walnuts and blueberries with spices added to the batter. I enjoy serving crepes with two different kinds of fruits and nuts. We also serve souffle-like french toast with two fruits and nuts. Also, your plates are not plain either. I garnish all plates with edible flowers and herbs during their seasons and supplement with fruit out of season.

3. I would never serve a breakfast that would require a can or box of this or that to be added to anything. Breakfasts at the Inn start with fresh ingredients that are grown here at the Inn, or by nearby farmers. My first priority with produce is for it to be local, and then second for it to be organic. I harvest and process my own fruits, pestos, salsas, jams, mushrooms and veggies. I am proud to serve our guests the fruits of my labor in season and also through the winter.

4. I never serve Spam, Eggos, and Pop Tarts unless requested. Processed foods are not good for guests or the environment. The chemical lists found in the ingredients list is usually very long. These foods are also transported over long distances to get into your local grocery store. My efforts in the kitchen are to produce flavorful, healthy breakfasts without all of the chemicals and the cost of supplying them.

5. You will never see Maxwell House, Eight O’clock, Sanka coffee being served from a drip coffee maker. I only serve Gimme! Coffee. that has been brewed using a french press. This small business is owned and operated by local people who value the coffee farmer, customers and a quality cup of java. They buy direct from the farmer, they buy organic, and they strive to acquire the rights of the entire estate so to insure consistent coffee characters and a dependable supply. They have won lots of awards. They started in Ithaca NY and have 5 locations including Trumansburg and Manhattan.

When choosing a place to stay consider the experience. Consider staying with a bed and breakfast who will strive to serve you fresh, local, organic, creative, flavorful breakfast without the chemicals.

Innkeeper Rose Hilbert
POB 95, 112 E. Main St.
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
fax 607-387-4035

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