A Cheese-Tasting Bed and Breakfast Getaway in Trumansburg NY

Quick!  Are you a turophile?

Wait.  What???

If you are lactose intolerant or afraid of the fat-content of dairy, then you most certainly are NOT a turophile.  However a large percentage of the American population at least enjoy cheese in all its forms.  Those lovers of cheese, or “turophiles” certainly enjoy exploring the depth of flavors and forms of this endlessly versatile food.

If you are one of these people, you’ll be glad to know that it isn’t necessary to plan a trip to the upper Midwest to enjoy a true cheese-tasting experience.  The Finger Lakes region boasts at least 15 dairies and farms that produce their own cheese, and six of these are here “between the lakes” within a reasonable driving-distance of Trumansburg!  Why not plan your Upstate New York vacation here at the inn and explore the dairy side of our farm-to-table philosophy!

Each location listed below may have hours that vary depending on season.

  • Kenton’s Cheese Company
    Right here in Trumansburg, the Burr-Ayr Farm has recently started producing their very own Bianco soft artisanal cheese with a mild flavor that pairs well with white wines and traditional fruit, jam, and cracker pairings.  While the location itself is not open for visitors or tastings, their cheese can be purchased locally at the Shursave.
  • Lively Run Goat Dairy
    Just 6 miles north of the Inn, this small goat dairy in Interlaken is German-owned and run in the tradition of the Amish people.  A tour includes a visit to see the goats kept on-site (watch your hair if it is long!), a tour of the cheese-making rooms, and a tasting.  Lively Run specializes in Feta, Cayuga Blue, and Chevre cheese selections.
  • Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company
    Just 6 miles southwest of Trumansburg near Mecklenburg, Bronson Hill Cheesery takes locally produced milk from Taber Hill Farms cows and turns it into European-inspired cheeses including Schuyler (a Dutch-type cheese) and Red Meck (a French-style cheese).  You may also find cheeses from Kenton’s and Vanillen available here.
  • Vanillen Dairy
    Up in Ovid, about 16 miles north of the B&B, this dairy creates a soft, spreadable cheese product created from cows on the farm.  Spread it, toast it on bread, or include it in any recipe featuring soft cheese (lasagna, anyone?).  Their cheese can be found at the Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company.
  • Muranda Cheese Company
    Up in Waterloo, this farm creates a wide variety of cheese from Holstein milk.  Both traditional cheeses like Cheddar, Blue, and Colby are offered, as well as cheeses featuring flavors from area produce.  While this dairy is the furthest from the Inn, their tasting room is open year-round.  Their cheeses can also be found in a wide variety of area stores.
  • Sunset View Creamery
    Creating everything from flavored curds to varieties of Monterey Jack- and Cheddar-style cheeses, you’ll find Sunset 19 miles south of town in Odessa.  The family-owned business has great suggestions for cheese/wine pairings.

Special Wine and Cheese Events!

  • January 12, and February 9, 2013:  Whey Local at Americana Vineyards (just 3.5 miles from the inn) will feature cheese tastings from a different area dairy on each date (Lively Farms, and Sunset View Creamery).
  • January 26, February 23, and March 30, 2013:  Perfect Pairings at 10 different area wineries.  Cheeses from the above farms will be offered with wine-pairing options.  Tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased through the Seneca Lake Wine Trail.
  • April 26-28, 2013:  Spring Wine and Cheese Weekend.  30 wineries will feature food/wine pairings.  Each food will feature locally made cheese.  Tickets are $35.00 ($25.00 for designated drivers), and are available through the Seneca Lake Wine Trail.

Plan a cheese-tour alone, or stop by the dairies during your wine- or beer-trail tour!  Either way, you’ll experience flavors and fun that is unique to the Finger Lakes Region.  And when you stay at The Inn at Gothic Eves, you will be assured a personalized, first-rate lodging experience with amenities that will make your stay all the more memorable!

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