Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast has a new Mobile site

Yes, it is true that my Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast has a new Mobile site. Just Google Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast, look for my listing and check the site out on your cell phone. This was a marketing decision after we found out by using Google Analytics how many people were trying to look at our website from their cell phones. The cool thing about this is, it tells you how many people have looked but also what phone they own. If you don’t know about this, it is mind-boggling the amount of information that is available to you. I for one, never thought I would be so interested in this social media and cell phone technology but I am catching on and getting more and more informed.

I have come a long way. My daughters when they were in middle school wanted cell phones and we would not let them. We stood strong till two years ago. We also did not let them join MySpace either. It was just two years ago that we let them have an account with Facebook. Now I have a Facebook, blog, twitter and an i-Phone. Some days, I really see the benefits and I am appreciative of the technology. I am still turned off by bad etiquette with the cell phone use in public. Texting drives me crazy when my daughters pull out their phones to use them at the dinner table. I also think that some people may regret some of the things that they have shared with the world using Social Media.

I am 50 years old and I am from a family that taught me that your privacy was almost everything. My parents showed us over and over how privacy would have kept us from getting in trouble when we were in school. Telling people your private matters usually does come back to bite you, is what Mom used to say. I wonder if it still bites since almost everyone tells everyone everything. Is the information I protected in the past, no longer private? Shared everyday, does it no longer hurt you?

This blog could come back to bite me if those who read it are offended. I think that it is not offensive but it does show how old I am and how old my thoughts are compared to the younger generation. It also shows you how far we have come in just two years. Oh yeah, I also Skype, not bad. I will keep updating and refreshing my mind as things continue to change. I hope the marketing for the Inn at Gothic Eves gets you to come one day to enjoy our Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast. This Bed and Breakfast is working overtime to stay current and open to the technology that is available to me and we would love to take care good care of you.

Innkeeper Rose Hilbert
POB 95, 112 E. Main St.
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
fax 607-387-4035

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