Finger Lakes' Sparkling Wine / Champagne for Good Health

It happened last week – it was my birthday.  On May 14th, to be exact.

champagne-with-1-glassLike all women, I approached the day with a mix of trepidation and, I’ll admit it, that tiny bit of giddiness that manages to remain from childhood – that voice in my head that says “It’s my birthday, there should be a bit of celebration.”

Of course, being a woman who was looking at turning 53, I also have, in the back of my mind, concerns for my own health. Everyone knows that when you’re young, you seldom think about the effects of aging.  But as everyone ages, they are bound to realize that they want to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible, and look for any way to do this.

So imagine my delight when I ran across an article touting the benefits of champagne/sparkling wine to your health!  And it just so happens that champagne is my favorite wine… and just in time for a birthday celebration!

For all of you who are curious, but don’t care to read the article yourselves, let me summarize:

  • Good For the Heart – Spain’s version of sparkling wine (Cava) was shown to fight off arterial plaque buildup, and the article suggests that other sparkling wines may have the same preventative powers.
  • Good For the Mind – Sparkling wines contain the same antioxidant as red wine that benefits brain-cells, protecting them from the effects of stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  While red wine does contain MORE of this antioxidant, Champagne offers the added benefit of being an anti-inflammatory agent.  This means that it actually assists your body heal from injury and removes toxins from your body!

Oh, thank you, semi-scientific article!

Just in time for my birthday, I found new freedom in enjoying a celebration evening out with friends.  It just so happens that Finger Lakes wineries near The Inn at Gothic Eves produce some delicious varieties, so we were able to enjoy our favorites.

Like most people, my doctor has told me that I need to take better care of myself.  Thanks to this article, I have a GREAT new way to do just that!  In fact, you might say that I now have permission to drink bubbly every week of the year!  So it may be a little bit self-serving, but I intend to fully enjoy the benefits of this new health craze.

Now I just need to find an article that promotes the health benefits of chicken wings and barbecue, and I’ll be all set!

Finger Lakes' Sparkling Wine / Champagne for Good Health 3

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