Grassroots Culture Camp Celebration: With a Limited Edition Special

Have you attended the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance held right down the street here in Trumansburg? Have you heard of their Culture Camp?

Maybe you’ve been interested but haven’t had the right incentive to check it out?
May we suggest you stay with us? The culture camp is just so much fun and we want to encourage you to bring that joy into your lives!

Stay with Us During the Camp and Get…

We want you to partake in the Culture Camp festivities! So we are offering you to stay with us two or more of the camp and we will give you the All Inclusive Spa Package (a 60 minute couples massage, 1 hour in the outdoor hot tub, 20 minutes of sauna, and 20 minutes of oxygen therapy) – that we usually reserve for 3-night weekday reservations – at no extra cost!
OR if you are not interested in the spa services we will give you $20 off each night you stay.

Why We Love the Culture Camp

The Culture Camp takes place the four days before the Grassroots Festival. The Camp takes place Sunday, July 14-Wednesday, July 17th.

During the day participate in music, dance and movement workshops. There’s a wide range of different musical instruments (fiddle, banjo, guitar, accordion and more), singing and songwriting, choreography, yoga and kid-themed classes as well! If you enjoy workshops this is the week for you!

In the evenings enjoy themed dinners and dancing with the traditional food prepared by the performers and professional chefs.
Think of the camp as an opportunity to get a taste of Grassroots without the thousands of people that Roots attracts. You get to meet the musicians and meet new people through the classes and dinners.

What’s great is you can come and attend just the classes during the day, or enjoy the rest of the Finger Lakes region and just go to the dancing and/or dinners in the evening. It’s very flexible and reasonably priced. For tickets and more information about the camp visit the Grassroots website.

The culture camp is just so much fun and we want to encourage you to bring that joy into your lives. Call to book a room today. For more information about Culture Camp visit their website.

Note for booking a room: We only have 4 rooms available for the whole camp time but 2 available for part of the time. I recommend giving us a call for the specific availability.

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