Rose's Renovation Tips

Rose's Renovation Tips 1
My beautiful tub! Waiting in the wings before her big entrance. It’s an acrylic freestanding tub.

I have learned the way to keep moving your business forward is to always be thinking of the next step. Over the last five years or so I have worked hard to renovate the guest rooms, as well as the spa to meet my own standards and those of my guests. And right now I am renovating my personal space! Exciting, I know!

I have to pamper myself so I can pamper you!  

Here are some tips that I have learned over the years and find useful for a successful remodel. 

  • Have a conversation with your builder months ahead of construction
    Rose's Renovation Tips 2
    Future home of the tub!
  • You must play an active role
    • Build a rapport with the people doing the construction
    • Get to know their habits
    • Be available to answer questions
  • Be knowledgeable about materials, and construction
  • Be able to verbalize your design 
  • Anticipate a big mess and don’t be surprised when it’s even bigger
  • Be flexible with your end date – things just happen
  • Don’t enter a construction project without plenty of money
  • Don’t believe TV. It takes much longer than a week.
    Rose's Renovation Tips 3
    Previously, there were three rooms in my space – a small office, bathroom, and bedroom. Now I will have a larger bathroom and larger bedroom. And a CLOSET!
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