What the Heck is a Snorkel Hot Tub and What is it doing at this Bed and Breakfast in Ithaca NY?

My guests love to use the Snorkel hot tub at my bed and breakfast, Ithaca, NY. But I am sometimes asked to explain where I found a wood-fired hot tub, and why I would choose to use one.

First, the body of the tub is made of cedar, a beautiful and fragrant wood whose natural essential oils make the tub both long-lasting and water-tight. I also chose a wood-fired tub to make better use of local natural resources rather than paying for electricity from non-renewable resources. I am often able to fuel the tub with downed limbs, leftover (untreated) wood from carpentry projects, and fallen trees that people wish to have removed. In addition, because I am not tied to a power line, I was able to situate the tub outdoors, tucked into a private spot behind the barn surrounded by stacked wood on the 2-acre lot.

What is the “snorkel”? The snorkel is the special aluminum air stack that regulates the air intake to the firebox. This helps the wood burn as efficiently as possible, while also providing a toasty warm water temperature for soaking. I have evidence of the tub’s ability to stay warm and comfortable in the coldest part of the Finger Lakes’ winters – see how much my guests are enjoying themselves? This is just the remedy to follow a crisp day of cross-country skiing. Trust me.

A private soak in the hot tub can be scheduled at the same time that you make a reservation to stay at my Inn near Ithaca, NY. If you make your reservation online, click on “Enhance Your Stay” to add a session in the hot tub. There are year-round activities for Finger Lakes’ visitors to enjoy, from antiquing in Ithaca NY, to skiing at Greek Peak, to wine tasting on Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, to hiking at Taughannock Falls State Park, to sailing on Cayuga Lake, to simply moseying around town. And what better way to cap your day than a nice, relaxing soak? The comfortable plush bathrobes help facilitate you coming and going from the hot tub. I selected gray bathrobes so you blend into the darkness for your privacy. I will be pleased to host your stay, and to offer you a chance to appreciate the hand-crafted hot tub.

Innkeeper Rose Hilbert
POB 95, 112 E. Main St.
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
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